We are pleased to announce our highly anticipated video for the track "Sjeler vil brenne" of our debut album Monument.

This video is a collaboration between Blodsgard and the Australian company Shining Dark Productions. As we believe in the integrity of the artist and the importance of complete artistic control, we left our famous track in their hands to develop a script and interpret our song how they see fit. We enforced no compromises upon them, and we are proud of what they've done. They took our famous track and made it their own with their own unique style and visions, and we applaud them both for their uncompromising attitude and their skills.

A big thank you to Cameron Crothers and Christian Harker of Shining Dark Productions, the lead actress Melissa Jade Pengilly, and the supporting actresses Amara Young and Clare Mansfield. Also, thank you to Bess Simper-Brown, SA Water, Levon Hudson, The Franklin Hotel and The Oath Records.

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