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Blodsgard Biography A short bio of the band, who they are and why they do what they do. 15 KB
Blodsgard Logo The organic Blodsgard logo 105 KB
Monument Cover Art The cover art for Blodsgard "Monument", conceived by the band and visualized by Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art. 1.47 MB
Monument Track List Track list for Blodsgard's Monument 14.1 KB
Monument Lyrics Lyrics for Blodsgard's Monument, with original Norwegian and English translation 22.3 KB
Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard Rex and Akslen in Norway 2.04 MB
Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard Rex and Akslen of Norway's Blodsgard 1.87 MB
Blodsgard's Monument Blodsgard with the inspiration for the album, the Monolith in Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway. 2.34 MB
Rex of Blodsgard Headshot of Blodsgard's Fredrik Rex 1.49 MB
Akslen of Blodsgard Headshot of Akslen of Blodsgard. 1.58 MB


By 2006, Black Metal in Norway had become somewhat stagnant, and dismayed by that, Fredrik Rex began his own band to answer that challenge and bring back strength in both music and philosophy to the genre which is tied so closely to his native soil.
In 2008, the full-length demo "Nuclear Extinction" was created in limited supply specifically as a response to public demand. 2011 saw Blodsgard releasing their second demo under the title "Solve et Coagula", written and recorded by Fredrik Rex and welcoming Stein Akslen into the fold as lyricist. The positive response Blodsgard garnered after the release of "Solve" not only from their dedicated fans, but also from the press and their peers, hardened the resolve of the band to continue to spread their music and the anti-theistic war they bring with it.

Blodsgard continued to write and record, and in 2013 the music coalesced into the opus "Monument". Rex states, "We knew exactly how we wanted it to sound before we started working. “Monument” is in my honest opinion, a brilliant album that is both a wall of sound and an experimental dark-jazzy album. We have always had a thing for combining monotony and melodies, a special unique blend that doesn’t really resemble any other band in particular. I think the reason for this is because we make our music from scratch every single time."

The two creative forces behind Blodsgard, the outspoken and well-educated Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen, truly interject their own personalities into the band. Fredrik is a student of societal planning and politics who resides above the Arctic Circle in the far reaches of Northern Norway. He embraces the bitter cold and long winter nights there with extreme sports like climbing and night skiing. The passion, strength, and fearlessness he demonstrates in his personal life are clearly visible in his playing style and amazing songwriting skills. Stein, the band's lyricist, is an author and recently finished his Masters degree in the History of Religions. He brings with him a vast knowledge of both past and present religions and their impact on modern culture and society, as well as a very impressive grasp of his own pagan past. Stein combines this wealth of knowledge with his own brooding personal darkness when writing Blodsgard's lyrics.

The members of this band are very motivated and proud to be representing something exciting and innovative, while at the same time remaining true to the darkest roots of their Norwegian heritage.

Fredrik Rex - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Music
Stein Akslen - Lyrics, Horns (Minneriket/V0id&Khaos/Vakslen)
Kenneth Mellum - Drums (Mistur/Voluspaa/Claymords)


"Monument" was released in collaboration with The Oath

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Blodsgard Logo

Blodsgard Logo

"Monument" cover art, conceived by Blodsgard and brought to vivid visualization by Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art

"Monument" cover art, conceived by Blodsgard and brought to vivid visualization by Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex and Stein Akslen of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex of Blodsgard

Fredrik Rex of Blodsgard

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Kaoskonstruksjon Video

Mentalt Minefelt Video

Sjeler Vil Brenne Video



Blodsgard is available on Spotify (below).
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Press Highlights

Press Highlights

2013: "Monument" selected on three of the four of's "Top 10 Lists of 2013", including being chosen as "THE ALBUM of the YEAR" on one.

2013: "MirandaYardley, publisher of Terrorizer magazine, pegs "Monument" in the upper tier of the "Top 20 Metal Albums of 2013".

2013: "Monument" included as one of "The Great Albums" of 2013 by No Clean Singing's Andy Synn:"Blodsgard came out of nowhere with one of the most gloriously epic and evil albums I’ve heard in a long time."

2013: "Monument" appears in Denim and Leather - Lowdown Magazine's short list for "Album of the Year" 2013.

2013: "Monument" debuts to high accolades from many webzines and blogs, including perfect scores by Norskmetal and Tombobscure, 93% by No Clean Singing, 90% by Hiss!g and 8/10 from Terrorizer Magazine.

2012: The No Clean Singing website begins their list of “The Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs of 2011” with “Mentalt Minefelt”

2011: Metal Hammer Magazine picks up on the band and debuts the song “Mentalt Minefelt” on the “Necrolust” compilation CD in issue No.220.

2011: Blodsgard second appearance in Terrorizer Magazine, this time in the “Choice cuts” section.

2010: Blodsgard receives international promotion on Terrorizer Magazine’s “Fear Candy” compilation with the song “Sjeler Vil Brenne".


Quotes and Reviews

Quotes and Reviews

"Melodic and with a delicate balance between old and modern black metal, mixed with a good dose of uniqueness topped with mighty arrangements. The strongest debut album I've heard in a long time. Brutal, powerful and unique.
HISS!G (Monument review, 90%)
"This first album fulfills all its promises and more. This is not any group from Norway, he brings with him a whole identity with absolutely spectacular atmosphere. A group that is a promising future, that we will have to follow very closely because ... wow. I fy faen helvete, hva var det?!"
French-Metal  (Monument review, 18.5/20)
"...not your conventional album of Black Metal, but rather an experience... truly stunning"
Nihil Verum Nisi Mors (Monument review, 4.5/5)
"The future is assured and the founding fathers of Black Metal should be proud of their offspring."
(Monument Review, 4.5/5)
"...(This is) a black metal that is intense, full of power; a black metal that returns to the roots of integrating new ideas, while maintaining an approach that is direct, immediate ... lethal."  (Monument review, 8/10)

 "Heaviness in a Firestorm.... Stein Akslen's lyrics are a welcome change from oozing stereotypical banalities...and Fredrik Rex staged a coup in the words with extraordinary emotion... spewing hate to us scornfully... and illuminates with an unusual clear voice caught in the suicidal dark side of the soul." (Monument review , 9.5/10)
 "...this culmination of nightmarish atmospherics is a triumph for band and subgenre alike"
Terrorizer # 242 (Monument review, 8/10)
" we are dealing with a work that is a candidate to enter the circle of releases fundamental in the history of contemporary black metal... Listen to "Mentalt Minefelt", "Monument" and "Livet Er Avlyst" of all to believe, with separate mention for the sensational "Svart Blod Flyter", one of the most successful of the last decade (if not more) in the field of the extreme..."
Hardsounds (translated)
 “...there is something very striking about what BLODSGARD has created...'Monument' stands tall as one of the more memorable Black Metal releases of the year and I can’t wait to hear more from these guys." (Monument review, 8.5/10)
Metal Observer

 "...this album fucking rules. Monument is my favorite album of this year, shaping itself up to be a black metal classic worthy to sit among the greats. From furious beginning to melancholic end, Blodsgard had me enthralled the entire way through. The production and sound can be characterized as being distinctly Norwegian, yet refined, modern, and enjoyable without losing any of black metal’s edge."
Metal Bandcamp
" ...awe inspiring... A must have." (Monument review, 5/5)
Metal Obscure
"Monument’s success rests in not only its effective execution but its ability to surprise the hell out if its listener. The end and the beginning come from two separate worlds but they both meet somewhere in the middle. I finally get why I had to listen to this record and why it belongs on this site. Congratulations gentlemen, you moved me to tears. Well, water filled gasps at the bottom of (a) subterranean crypt. Same thing." (Monument review, 7/9)
Hollywood Metal

"I would not be exaggerating if I said that this will be the best black metal album of the year. It's sophisticated, well-constructed, diverse and rich in musical variety, with a fascinating mixture of ideas that makes them shine among lookalike bands." (Monument, 9.75/10)
Arson Café
"Monument is a thoroughly well-balanced black metal album — rangy but catchy, both clearly produced and satisfyingly gritty, and sweeping in scope without much exceeding the 40-minute mark. Its stern melodies, atmospheric stretches, and great vocals all remind me a bit of Nightbringer, though that comparison isn’t bang-on."
Invisible Oranges
"There’s no good way to sum up what Blodsgard have achieved on the album. It’s too multifaceted and too difficult to pin down. But that’s part of what makes the album such a rewarding experience. So I’ll just leave you with this: Monument truly is a monument to the extravagant talents of Blodsgard’s two creators. Beautifully constructed, superbly performed, and full of surprises, it’s one of the year’s best albums." (Monument review, included on Metal Archives, 93%)
No Clean Singing

"What has been crafted here is brilliantly beautiful, melancholic and monumental, but at the same time an angry, filthy and intoxicating way of spreading their message." (Monument, rating 6/6)

"What I’ve heard from Blodsgard to date ranges from solid to superb. The music is definitely nekro, rooted in the hallowed traditions of Trve Norwegian Black Metal, but guitarist/vocalist Fredrik R is a talented songwriter, and what he creates is much more than the typical hate-filled, clawing-to-the-bone that you might expect. There’s one song in particular to which I’ve returned many times — “Mentalt Minefelt”. I’ve become addicted to the bleak, moaning melody, the cataclysmic drum explosions, and Fredrik R’s positively harrowing vocal style. This song is kvlt — and it’s also tremendously infectious."
No Clean Singing

“This is no slick production, slicked hair output; this is true Norwegian black metal in the original sense of the term. This is grimm, this is cult, and this is frost-bitten. Blodsgard are raw and surly, black metal anno 1994 and for those that miss those halcyon days Blodsgard are bringing them right back to their original deathcrushing form."
Terrorizer Magazine

“Most of the demo releases I get are not of this quality aka: perfect production, musicianship top notch and songs that some in the BM realm would sell their souls to have a writing credit to.“ (Solve et coagula, rating: 5/5)

"The music is shrouded in the aura of wintry bleakness for which black metal is typically known, but each song also carries within it memorable, haunting melodies as well as razored hostility."
No Clean Singing

“These guys may have only started in 2006 but they have all the black metal misanthropy of any of the early greats.”
Metal Hammer Magazine

"For quality, exquisite song craft and pure Metal music enjoyment this has few peers. I for one am very impressed by this band's debut.”
Norsk Svart Metall

“How (Fredrik) and his band mates have yet to be picked up by a label baffles me because of the Black Metal records I’ve come to review, this is clearly the best of the bunch.” (Webmaster's note: Be baffled no more. As of February 2012, the band has been signed)