"Monument"  is also available through Bandcamp below. along with some great bundles.
All Merchandise Originates from the United States.

 However, the "Monument" CD and other Blodsgard merchandise may still be purchased from Neseblod Records in Oslo, Norway located on the grounds of Euronymous' famous "Helvete" and currently housing an amazing musical archive. Visit them in person or by mail order. 
Some physical CD's are still available from The Oath



No 1 Album of the Year, 2013 - Anders, Norskmetal.net

Top Albums of 2013: "Blodsgard came out of nowhere with one of the most gloriously epic and evil albums I’ve heard in a long time." - (Andy Synn, NoCleanSinging.com)

Top 20 Albums of 2013 - M. Yardley, Publisher, Terrorizer Magazine
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We are usually able to customize size or color for you, for a small additional charge. Email us for details. Not recommended for interior walls (may damage paint). We CAN, however, customize for interiors as well using a different adhesive. Again, email us for details.

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