Blodsgard has the honor of being selected to appear on Metal Hammer Magazine's "Necrolust" CD in the July, 2011 issue 220. In advance of the publication date, Metal Hammer promoted the CD on their website and in marketing emails: "And because we know you like it heavier than anyone else, the CD this month is the next in the Necrolust series featuring the best new acts from the world of extreme metal! AKRYA, BLODSGARD, HARM, REFUSAL, EXECRATION and loads more..." 

The song "Mentalt Minefelt" appears in the number two slot on the disc. The editorial staff had this to say:

"On your CD this month... seeing as you loved the last Necrolust CD so much, we thought we'd bring you an even more brutal, darker and ...well, necro CD! So here are some of the most unholy and blasphemous sounds straight from the bowels of Hell for your displeasure!...2. BLODSGARD, "Mentalt Minefelt" (Mental Minefield).  These guys may have only started in 2006 but they have all the black metal misanthropy of any of the early greats. Taken from the EP Solve Et Coagula."

Metal Hammer Magazine