Cutting off bootleg merch at the knees 

It was brought to our attention recently that low-quality merchandise with sub-par printing and thin, cheap material is being sold through bootleg sources. We don't want our name associated with these inferior items, so we are striking back in the best way possible... by offering our Official merchandise at 50% off, and throwing in a Free patch with every order, and every dime spent goes straight back into supporting the band. 

Everyone wins.... except the bootleggers.

Thought provoking interview with the members of Blodsgard conducted an excellent Interview with Rex and Akslen, revealing both the history and driving purpose of the band, with provocative answers regarding the state of the black metal genre, and how Satanism, paganism and anti-religiosity figure into the Blodsgard mssion.
Both English translation and link to direct article are provided.

For this and other interviews, click here: INTERVIEWS

It's Friday the 13th, and Blodsgard is now on Spotify 

There have been so many requests to add our music to Spotify, and the band is pleased to honor those requests with the announcement that Monument is now available for your streaming pleasure on that service. Please freely share the playlist. Blodsgard would also like to thank you for your continued support of the album through physical and digital purchases on our Bandcamp site, as well as direct support of the band by visiting our Merchandise page.


Low Down Magazine's Album of the Year List 

Blodsgard is honored to be included on Low Down Magazine's "Denim and Leather"short list of consideration for "Album of the Year" for 2013.

"This debut album from Norwegian Black Metal horde Blodsgard comes after extensive re-writing, re-arranging, and re-mastering to Improve upon the sound of their 2011 EP Solve Et Coagula. This patience and attention to detail has really paid off as building off the foundations of “True Norwegian Black Metal” but adding a modern twist truly makes for a breathtaking atmosphere with Soaring Riffs and pounding drums. The standout track is ‘Sjeler vil brenne’ with its haunting Tremolo Riffing and triumphant vocal performance."


We are pleased to announce our highly anticipated video for the track "Sjeler vil brenne" of our debut album Monument.

This video is a collaboration between Blodsgard and the Australian company Shining Dark Productions. As we believe in the integrity of the artist and the importance of complete artistic control, we left our famous track in their hands to develop a script and interpret our song how they see fit. We enforced no compromises upon them, and we are proud of what they've done. They took our famous track and made it their own with their own unique style and visions, and we applaud them both for their uncompromising attitude and their skills.

A big thank you to Cameron Crothers and Christian Harker of Shining Dark Productions, the lead actress Melissa Jade Pengilly, and the supporting actresses Amara Young and Clare Mansfield. Also, thank you to Bess Simper-Brown, SA Water, Levon Hudson, The Franklin Hotel and The Oath Records.


When Blodsgard set out to make "Monument", about the last thing on the minds of Rex and Akslen was what the critics were going to say about it. The black metal of Blodsgard has always been a very personal kind of music, and as such, it was much more important to them to create as close to the perfect "Blodsgard" album as was possible, not one that would mimic another's sound.  Having said that though, it is pleasing to know that the music and lyrics, and hence the attitude of the band, has been presented in such a way that it has seemingly been accepted by many whose opinions we respect. For that, we say thank you.

Blodsgard now has a Bandcamp presence 

In an effort to streamline the process of ordering our physical CD, and to offer a high-quality official digital download option to those who want it, the band has worked with their label to create a Bandcamp presence. The CDs ship from Italy, so shipping will regrettably be higher to North and South America. Check us out here for these options:

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