Akslen Participates in Official Report on the Reaction to Norwegian Domestic Terrorism of 22.07.2011

"About a year ago, I participated, amongst several other students in the History of Religion, in researching the immediate response in different religious and secular life stances towards the terrorist acts 22.07.2011. We contributed to a report that deals with how different groups held ceremonies (or didn't), how they immediately helped out and opened doors (or not), and how the Official Norwegian Church got a lot more promotion in the public than what might be ethical correct in a tragedy where the terrorist aims to attack the multicultural and diverse Norway.

The report is called "En nasjon i sorg - De andre historiene" ("A nation in sorrow - The other stories") and was published by Samarbeidsrådet for tros- og livssynssamfunn (The Collaboration Council for Belief- and Life stance communities), and was officially released at HL-senteret (The Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Minorities) in Oslo earlier this week.

The report is now available (in Norwegian) at this link:
En nasjon i sorg - De andre historiene


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