Blodsgard Goes Darker.

Blodsgard has neared completion of their debut, the aptly titled "Monument". Akslen has dipped his pen in acid and promises us some of the greatest poetry Norway has ever spawned. Rex has climbed to the top of the world, finding dark and frozen muses amidst the howling winds of the Arctic's unforgiving mountains, giving dark wraiths new voices through his relentless music.  It's time to deconstruct what you think you know. The band has been letting you into their world with songs as they've been composed, but the time has come to strip down and build back up before Monument erupts out of the Faderland and challenges the world. With that in mind, Blodsgard is traversing deeper yet into the dark, and removing all but two tracks from this site... and all others.

It will be worth it.


is Coming.

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