Blodsgard has been honored with inclusion in "The Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs of 2011"

Blodsgard is pleased to have been honored by No Clean Singing with the selection of the song "Mentalt Minefelt" as on of "The Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs of 2011"

An excerpt from the article:
"What I’ve heard from Blodsgard to date ranges from solid to superb. The music is definitely nekro, rooted in the hallowed traditions of Trve Norwegian Black Metal, but guitarist/vocalist Fredrik R is a talented songwriter, and what he creates is much more than the typical hate-filled, clawing-to-the-bone that you might expect. There’s one song in particular to which I’ve returned many times — “Mentalt Minefelt”. I’ve become addicted to the bleak, moaning melody, the kataclysmic drum explosions, and Fredrik R’s positively harrowing vocal style. This song is kvlt — and it’s also tremendously infectious."

Read the full article HERE... you'll be glad you did, as we've allowed inclusion of a hidden link to three free downloads of Blodsgard's music. Just follow the NCS link to their article about Blodsgard and the review of "Solve Et Coagula" to find it!

Listen and Watch the video for "Mentalt Minefelt" HERE

Thanks again to Islander and all our friends at "No Clean Singing".

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