Good news for Fans of Norwegian Dark Art: V0id&Khaos release date announced.

Good news for fans of Norwegian Dark Art: 

Akslen, Blodsgard's gifted lyricist, announces that his dark project V0id&Khaos will release "Aletheia - Cogito Ergo Doleo" this November 30th.

Unconceal thy pain.

Aletheia - Cogito ergo doleo will be the sequel to Apatheia - Suburban Anxiety.
Approximately a year after the debut album, the next album is finished.
It will be digitally released through iTunes and Amazon by Akslen Black Art Records on November 30th.

Aletheia - Cogito ergo doleo will consist of the following four tracks:
I. Douleur (Excavating my own heart under a bridge of broken trust)
II. Lex Talionis
III. Faceless Deceivers
IV. Ensomhet (Brente broer og knuste drømmer)
Total running time is approx. 40 minutes.

Once again, V0id&Khaos descends into the dark atmosphers of Dark Ambient, with unique field-recordings and traces of Norwegian Black Metal.
The album will be exclusively available as a purchaseable download here at a while before the official release date. There might be a few signed and numbered copies made available, but this is mainly a digital release.

Enjoy. Or not.

*Front cover courtesy of Guro Torget Photography

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