Norwegian Black Metal and the Norwegian Press....

30 November, 2011

NRK's "Pyro" has set up a list of the most "promising" bands in Norway. (Blodsgard was not featured - Webmaster)

Norwegians have learned to take pride in True Norwegian Blackmetal over time. Proud Norwegians talk about foreigners that learn our language to read our lyrics. Yet, when they are presented with a proper new black metal band, they choose to push and respond to your typical low level Thrash Metal band. It is an unbelievable thing to do when you look at what bands we pride ourself in internationally. "Urørt", a platform for new bands in Norway, has rejected Blodsgard's material. I find it amusing that people "knowing" good metal don't recognize it when they see it.

Blodsgard has never gotten anything for free from Norwegian metal press. We got trashed by twice, rolling a 1/10 and a 3/10, which is absolutely insane looking at other bands getting higher scores. We are an unknown act in Norway by choice because we do not want to enter "competitions" or go on email-sprees to be taken under some wing. If anything, not being listed as a promising band is exacly why we are a promising band. You, our fans, know this to be true.

I give a small thanks to the people at Terrorizer magazine and Metal Hammer. We are not good enough for Norwegian "most promising" lists, but good enough for the big size international metal press. Somehow I appreciate that fact. If there is one true statement to be made; Norwegian metalpress does not know metal music.

- Rex

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