Solve Et Coagula Now Available as a Digital Release!

4 October, 2011

To all those that have requested this: We have heard you and listened. Solve Et Coagula can now be purchased Exclusively from this website (as a digital download) for 5 dollars! You will in this way be supporting us directly.

Initially we wanted to wait to release this demo EP so we could finish it as an album. The fans do deserve a more complete product. (But what is perfect?) We had set a timeline for next summer, but the EP suits wintertime better anyhow. It is a different experience having the tracks on your mp3 player, walking a mountain, running somewhere, far away from youtube or a computer screen. We will most definitly Not release 'Solve Et Coagula' in the form it is in now at a later moment, so if you want it now is your chance! :)

Get Solve Et Coagula

- Webmaster, for Rex

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