Terrorizer Magazine Fear Candy CD, March 2010

Blodsgard was chosen to receive a coveted spot on Terrorizer Magazine's "Fear Candy" CD in the March, 2010 issue 194. The editorial staff had this to say about the band and their song "Sjeler Vil Brenne":

"Taken from their new and unreleased demo. There's just two of them, they're from Oslo and they play black metal, but that's where the comparison to Satyricon stops. This is no slick production, slicked hair output; this is true Norwegian black metal in the original sense of the term. This is grimm, this is cult, and this is frost-bitten. Blodsgard are raw and surly, black metal anno 1994 and for those that miss those halcyon days Blodsgard are bringing them right back to their original deathcrushing form".