Terrorizer Magazine, March 2011

“There were few [Norwegian] bands left that played black metal. There was no feeling, just technique. I think we started partly due to necessity; we wanted to hear a certain kind of music and create a certain kind of feeling, so we had to make it ourselves”. Back in issue #205, much-loved metalpunks Kverletak suggested to Terrorizer that the Norwegian black metal scene was in disarray. As far as Oslo’s Blodsgard are concerned, it’s their job to put that right. “Blodsgard has a distinguishable sound that separates us from the rest, “ continues frontman Fredrik Refling. “Our lyrical content has a deeper meaning, not just the superficial and shallow rhymes of some of the modern bands. Musically, we have a goal to revitalise the black metal genre.”

Merl Alderslade, Terrorizer Magazine (Apr 01, 2011)